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About Bildsamt

The purpose of project Bildsamt is to make it possible for persons with communicative and cognitive disabilities to use pictorial support to talk about violence. Bildsamt is funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund and is run by Dart – Centre for AT and AAC at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. The project is carried out in collaboration with several partners.
In this project, pictorial support materials for conversations about violence in various circumstances has been developed. Several different types of conversations about violence were identified and pictorial support materials for these conversations were developed accordingly. Prevention is crucial in order to decrease the risk for persons with communicative and cognitive disabilities of being victims of violence. Violence prevention lessons using pictorial support have been developed in the project together with staff and pupils from an upper secondary special school. Personal assistants and persons with disabilities have assisted in developing a material to make discovery and disclosure of violence easier for persons that have communication difficulties. Pictorial support for child and youth interrogations, conversations with social workers and child psychologists have also been developed. All materials have been evaluated by stakeholders such as persons with disabilities, professionals working with individuals who have been victims of violence and professionals working with persons with disabilities in day centers and group homes.
All materials are free to download and use, including instructions and guidelines regarding construction and use of the materials.